Who Is This Guy?


Michael Folz has spent his long, entire life learning as much as he can about everything.  This means that he is relatively competent at, although not necessarily limited to, social psychology, economics, most eras of history, world geography, a broad range of the natural sciences, and  Eastern and Western philosophy and religions.


In Rwanda

He has driven on virtually every road in North America, from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Labrador & Newfoundland to Panama City, Panama.  The U.S. has around 3050 counties, and he has been to approximately 2400 of them.  Internationally, he has been to some 200 countries (including 159 U.N. member states).  His travel blog can be seen here.

At Monet’s Garden in France

He lives in New Mexico with his wife Maureen and their cat Kizmet.  Maureen sings really great.  He sings okay.  Some of their original songs can be found on YouTube     Maureen has a few cover songs up, coincidentally also on YouTube.   (As you’ll be able to tell, not much effort has been put into promoting this.)

He has a B.S. and an M.A. from Yale University.  The cat has no education and really not that much of a brain.  It just thinks that it does.