Table of Contents

Since each episode is sort of like a chapter in a book, I think you should see these in order. Here they are:

(By the way, at the bottom of each Chapter page is a PDF of its transcript.)

Chapter 1 – Setting the Table

Chapter 2 – Defining The Problem

Chapter 3 – Garbage In, Garbage Out

Chapter 4 – Dmitry

Chapter 5 – Benthamite Principles

Chapter 6 – If We’re So Dumb, How Come We’re Rich?

Chapter 7 – Is Everybody Happy?

Chapter 8 – The March of Science

Chapter 9 – The Box That You Can’t Think Outside Of


Chapter 10 – So Why Am I Really Doing This?

Chapter 11 – Those Enlightenment Values

Chapter 12 – Fake History

Chapter 13 – Sometime Around The Year Zero, Greece

Chapter 14 – Sometime Around The Year Zero, RomeĀ 

Chapter 15 – Sometime Around The Year Zero, Christianity